Signs that your water heater needs repairs

Signs that your water heater needs repairs

Modern-day life is awash with water heaters. It is only when they stop working that we realize how important they are in our daily lives. It is inevitable that they will eventually cause problems due to their constant use.

You need to pay attention to any changes to your water heater as a homeowner. This list will show you the signs it is time to have your water heater maintained.

* Water Temperature Changes

If the water temperature is constantly too hot or cold, but not the right temperature, you should have your unit checked. There are many reasons this problem can occur, including a wrong temperature setting, sediment formation in the tank, and a damaged or missing dip tube. Click here to read more about Find the Best Commercial Water Heater Repair in Burbank.

* Hot Water Shortage

It could be an indication that your water heater is having problems. You should not ignore this sign and contact a plumber to inspect your unit.

* Strange Noises

Signs that your water heater needs repairs

Your water heater is likely to be making strange sounds in your basement. The sound of boiling water is a low rumbling or popping noise. This is because sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank. The tank then overheats and the water boils.

* Leakage from the Water Tank

Leakage is a sign that there is a problem with your installation. A leaky water heater could indicate that the T&P valve has been damaged or that a nearby pipeline is loose.

* Low water pressure

A mineral deposit in your hot water tank could cause a drop in pressure. Pipe blockages can be caused by mineral accumulation, and in the instance of a water heater, it will lower the pressure.

* Smelly or Rusty Water

Do you smell foul-smelling water coming out of the faucet when you turn it on? If the answer is yes, you may have a corroded or high-level of bacteria in your tank. Do not let this happen, and call a plumber immediately to prevent any health problems.

These are all fixable issues, but if they don’t get addressed quickly they can cause damage to your property or even health risks. No matter how small the problem may seem, you should call a plumber to check your water heater.

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